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What experts says are the worst foods and drinks for brain health

New York Post 02 Jul 2022
There are many reasons to want to eat well, but among them, one priority may be to promote your brain health ... Sugary fruit juices can have a negative effect on your brain health.Getty Images/Westend61 ... “Researchers have found that a direct line of communication exists between the brain and your enteric nervous system.

A new study reveals a signal pathway to control binge eating

Interesting Engineering 02 Jul 2022
A group of researchers from the University of Cologne has developed an entirely novel approach to treating eating disorders that may be the key to finally controlling such harmful impulses, published by the institution on Thursday ... In this research, AgRPs were also linked to an enzyme in the brain called autotaxin (ATX).

10 Healthy Ways to Flip on the Brain’s ‘Happiness’ Switch

Principia Scientific 02 Jul 2022
However, our brain itself has some “happy substances,” including neurotransmitters and hormones ... Prozac, a common drug for depression patients, is used to enhance the activity of serotonin in the brain ... Research has found that doing good deeds promotes brain and body health, and can even extend our life.

Exercise may cloud your judgment -study

The Jerusalem Post 02 Jul 2022
Exercise may negatively affect executive brain activity in low-oxygen environments, researchers at the University of Tsukuba, Japan found in a new study ... The researchers showed, however, that reductions in neural activity in brain regions responsible for executive control-related ...

How to stay mentally & physically in tip top shape

The Claremore Daily Progress 02 Jul 2022
having stronger bones, improving brain cognition, increasing flexibility and strength in muscles, increasing stamina, getting better sleep, and creating more movement in the body & brain ... Aerobic exercise like walking, jogging or gardening may help the brain's hippocampus – the part that's linked to memory and learning – grow.

Gene discovery may explain why more women get Alzheimer’s disease

Egypt Independent 02 Jul 2022
But researchers did not find an association between MGMT and Alzheimer’s in men ... A team of researchers from the University of ... The research team compared the findings to autopsied male brain tissue, and found no association between the MGMT gene and Alzheimer’s in men.

Bad News for Fast Eaters

Mercola 02 Jul 2022
We also believe our research would apply to a U.S ... The claim that it takes your brain 20 to 30 minutes to realize your stomach is already full is also true, it turns out ... Other research suggests that leptin also interacts with the neurotransmitter dopamine in the brain to produce a feeling of pleasure after eating.

Graduates and a brain drain

The Irish Times 02 Jul 2022
It should also review what long-term opportunities exist in research careers in Ireland to keep these students here after their studies, and pre-emptively avoid funding a brain-drain of our top talent to other countries with better career outlooks ... A chara, – A worthy initiative indeed by Minister for Research and Innovation Simon Harris.

Intermountain research points to safer IV fluid for patients

Ogden Standard Examiner 02 Jul 2022
A different way to deliver intravenous fluid in hospital patients may cause fewer kidney problems and deaths, according to a new study by Intermountain Healthcare researchers ... Joseph Bledsoe, lead investigator of the study and director of research for emergency medicine for Intermountain Healthcare.

Myths about abortion and women's mental health are widespread, experts say

The Grand Island Independent 02 Jul 2022
Abortion will lead to substance abuse, depression, suicidal thoughts; abortion is bad for your health; every woman is going to regret it," said social psychologist Brenda Major, a distinguished professor emeritus in the department of psychological and brain sciences at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Study: Dogs can sniff out long COVID

The Post-Star 02 Jul 2022
While researchers already discovered a trained dog’s nose can identify COVID-19 with its scent-detecting capabilities, dogs have now demonstrated they can also sniff out long-term virus symptoms — often called “long COVID” — in patients, researchers in Germany found.

9 ways to protect your heart and brain from the summer heat

Killeen Daily Herald 02 Jul 2022
The risk to your heart and brain can be serious. A 2020 report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention cited research showing that hospital admissions for cardiovascular problems jumped in the days after temperatures spiked. And a 2017 review of research in the American ...

10 healthy eating habits that will change the way you live

Pinkvilla 02 Jul 2022
Lifestyle. Health & Fitness Attach Main Lifestyle Image. 10 healthy eating habits that will change the way you live. Enter the Lifestyle details ... Included in this are "effortless" healthy eating habits. 1. Eat-in moderation ... 2 ... A smaller plate can fool your brain into believing you're eating more, according to research, which can help you avoid overeating.

Thrown a LifeLine: ‘Every week there was another death. Everybody was asking the same thing: What can we do about the river?’

The Irish Times 02 Jul 2022
By Sara KeatingSat Jul 2 2022 - 06.00 ... I was living beside it, and it was constant ... At a conference organised by Galway Community Circus in July last year, researchers from the Université Libre de Bruxelles demonstrated the neurological effects of wire-walking on the brain, where action, skill and challenge produce what is known as a state of flow.

Here's why sleep could hold surprising anxiety-reducing benefits after a stressful situation

Interesting Engineering 01 Jul 2022
In a paper published Thursday in the researchers report what they saw in the losers' brains — and what it could mean for us ... What the researchers saw in the mice brains. The researchers looked inside the brains of the losers to figure out which networks of neurons were communicating with each other.

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