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Researchers identify brain abnormalities in treatment-resistant depression

PsyPost 17 Jun 2024
The electrodes provided high spatial and temporal resolution recordings of brain activity, allowing the researchers to observe detailed neural responses to emotional stimuli ... Alpha-band power is thought to reflect inhibitory processes in the brain.

Banish breakup blues: New headset zaps brain to ease heartbreak

Interesting Engineering 17 Jun 2024
Recent research has delved into the neuropsychological connections between these emotions, focusing on specific prefrontal regions of the brain ... And noninvasive brain stimulation methods (NIBS) might offer some real relief.

35 scientifically-backed tricks to live longer and give your brain a boost, by DR MICHAEL MOSLEY

The Daily Mail 17 Jun 2024
Interestingly, research shows squats have a more powerful brain-boosting effect than walking or jogging ... Jump on to the children’s video games – research shows that action-packed gaming (particularly ...

There Are 6 Kinds Of Depression That Can Be Identified With Brain Scans

IFL Science 17 Jun 2024
Treatment for depression has historically taken a “one-size-fits-all” approach, but this may be about to change as new research has found six kinds of depression that are identifiable through brain scans.

U of M students’ organization aims to broaden education around substance abuse

MinnPost 17 Jun 2024
Now, with three degrees and two national awards, Blake hopes her nonprofit, Brains for Change, will transform addiction education across Minnesota ... “We talk with them about neuroplasticity and how the brain responds to drugs.

Does looking at honeycomb make your skin crawl? Take the test to see if you have

The Daily Mail 17 Jun 2024
However, lead researcher Dr Geoff Cole told MailOnline ... Rather than pointing to an evolutionary defence, some researchers suggest that trypophobia serves no purpose and is instead caused by the brain being overwhelmed by stimulus.

Her epileptic husband died suddenly at home. B.C. coroners refused an autopsy

CBC 17 Jun 2024
A Nanaimo man died of a medical condition with an unknown cause. His wife wanted to donate his brain to epileptic research in hopes of preventing similar deaths but her requests for an autopsy were denied ... .

Pope Attended First G7 Meeting – Are AI Systems Sentient Beings?

Armstrong Economics 17 Jun 2024
In my research, I have found that AI systems are not sentient beings ... Thus, the thrust to mimic the brain led to the creation of neural nets, but that effort also failed to create original thought.

Human Neurons Are Stuck Between Shifting Phases of Matter, Scientists Say

Futurism 16 Jun 2024
When examining publicly available data of 3D reconstructions of human, fruit fly, and mouse brains, the researchers, who took a statistical physics approach, observed these repeating fractal patterns ...

Internet addiction in adolescents could alter behavioral development; Study

GCC Business News 16 Jun 2024
A new study by UCL researchers has found that Adolescents with an internet addiction undergo changes in the brain that could lead to additional addictive behavior and tendencies ... brains of adolescents.

From cold showers to hot tomatoes: 10 of Michael Mosley’s top health tips

The Observer 16 Jun 2024
... and brain ... “When researchers at Stanford University scanned the brains of people reading Jane Austen, they found a dramatic and unexpected increase in blood flow across the entire brain,” he explained.

The Nanomafia: Nanotechnology’s Global Network of Organized Crime

The Liberty Beacon 16 Jun 2024
Fox is one of social responsibility promoters,16 according to recent research, that are making TV shows of zombies using mind control experiments with brain nanobots.7 Social Responsibility is ...

New research highlights the alarming impact of sleep deprivation on cognitive function

PsyPost 16 Jun 2024
A recent study published in Experimental Brain Research has shed new light on how total sleep deprivation impacts the brain’s ability to process and integrate multiple stimuli presented in quick succession.

Mental health of South African youth needs urgent attention

Mail Guardian South Africa 16 Jun 2024
... Group and the South African Medical Research Council/Stellenbosch University Genomics of Brain Disorders Extramural Research Unit based in the Department of Psychiatry at Stellenbosch University.

Tom Parker widow Kelsey says their young children, Aurelia, 4, and Bodhi, 3, still make Father

The Daily Mail 16 Jun 2024
Brain tumours kill more children and adults under 40 than any other cancer. 'That is more than leukaemia, prostate and breast cancer, yet the government only gives brain tumour research 1 per cent of its funding.

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