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Introducing a Ground-Breaking, New Institute at the Boys Town National Research Hospital

Norfolk Daily News 20 Apr 2021
BOYS TOWN, Neb., April 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ --�Boys Town National Research Hospital is revolutionizing child and teen brain research at the new Institute for Human Neuroscience, which opened in March 2021 ... Wilson brings a team of almost 50 research scientists and staff who will ...

Supplement treats schizophrenia in mice, restores healthy “dance” and structure of neurons

Technology Org 20 Apr 2021
After additional experiments, including visualizing the fluorescently stained dancing edge of immature brain cells, researchers concluded that the supplement likely protects proteins that build neurons’ cellular skeletons ... Researchers recorded 10 seconds of the growth of healthy ...

Study outlines mechanism behind rare blood clots linked to COVID-19 vaccine

Technology Org 20 Apr 2021
A new research paper looking at rare cases of blood clots in the brain and low platelets seen in some patients after vaccination has been published in The New England Journal of Medicine ... The researchers stress that vaccination remains the key route out of the pandemic, and everyone should continue to receive a vaccine when offered one.

SpaceX set to take four astronauts to ISS Thursday

Phys Dot Org 20 Apr 2021
Mini brains ... Scientists hope this research can eventually help space agencies prepare for distance space missions which will expose crews to the rigors of space for long periods of time, and even help fight brain disease here on Earth.

Astrazeneca Covid vaccine Q&A: What we know about blood clots, side effects and risks for under-30s

The Daily Telegraph 20 Apr 2021
Scientists have also insisted that further research is needed to understand more about the risk of these rare blood clots ... "We still urgently need more research to first understand which individuals are at highest risk of these unusual blood clots in the brain, which although very rare, can often be serious or fatal.".

NASA and SpaceX will launch astronauts from THREE different agencies to the International Space Station ...

The Daily Mail 20 Apr 2021
Scientists hope this research can eventually help space agencies prepare for distance space missions which will expose crews to the rigours of space for long periods of time, and even help fight brain disease here on Earth ... ISS studies have investigated human research, space medicine, life sciences, physical sciences, astronomy and meteorology.

Spanking may affect children's brain development in a similar way to abuse - study

Graphic 19 Apr 2021
Spanking children may affect their brain development in a similar way as more severe forms of violence, according to a new study by Harvard University researchers ... The researchers then compared the brain activity of the children who had been spanked to those who hadn’t been to see if there were different patterns.

Research finds autism develops differently in girls than boys

Sify 19 Apr 2021
The research published in the journal Brain discovered that there is a significant difference in the genes and "genetic burden" that underpin the condition in girls and boys ... The research combined cutting-edge brain imaging with genetic research to better understand ASD's effects in girls.

New Research Could Explain Why Autism Is More Common In Boys Than Girls

IFL Science 19 Apr 2021
"We know so little about how autism unfolds in the brain," explained study author Dr Abha Gupta in a statement ... However, when analyzing the girls’ brain scans, the researchers found that ASD was predominantly driven by lower activation of a brain structure called the putamen, which is located within the striatum.

Here’s how Newark is fighting back as dementia ravages the Black community

NJ dot com 19 Apr 2021
Gluck, director of the Aging & Brain Health Alliance, launched that effort in 2006 but he says it really accelerated after the arrival of Chancellor Nancy Cantor in 2014, expanding to include research and student training ... The study has put Rutgers and Newark on the map, in terms of research on brain health in minority populations.

„Fat Jam“ in the Cell

Technology Org 19 Apr 2021
This rare brain disorder mainly manifests in childhood and includes severe neurological and psychiatric symptoms. Researchers led by Dr ... In these individuals, fat molecules – known as lipids – accumulate in their brains and other organs such as the liver ... Sabina Tahirovic, a research group leader at the DZNE’s Munich site.

Onegevity and EmbodyBio Announce Collaboration to Explore Brain Health

Finger Lakes Times 19 Apr 2021
... capabilities to advance brain health. This collaboration will utilize a new computational systems physiology model of brain health that incorporates data from hundreds of scientific publications and combines them to simulate disease processes across the adult lifespan.

Study shows vaccines carry much lower risk of blood clots than COVID

Wtop 19 Apr 2021
London — A study by researchers at Oxford University in England suggests the risks of experiencing dangerous, rare blood clots in the brain are far higher in those who catch the coronavirus than in those who get either the AstraZeneca vaccine, or the vaccines made by Pfizer and Moderna in the U.S.

MicroMESH: A microscopic polymeric network to attack glioblastoma multiforme

Phys Dot Org 19 Apr 2021
A micro-sized polymeric net wrapping around brain tumors, just like a fishing net around a shoal of fish ... It has been described by the researchers of the IITIstituto Italiano di Tecnologia (Italian Institute of Technology) in Nature Nanotechnology ... Although they are quite rare, brain tumors are among the most aggressive and difficult to cure.

Sulforaphane for Your Heart and Brain

Mercola 19 Apr 2021
Past studies using exogenous antioxidants were not conclusive, leading the researchers to theorize inducing endogenous antioxidant activities may have promising cardioprotective effects ... Research appears to indicate that sulforaphane may benefit individuals with schizophrenia by helping to rebalance the glutamate levels in their brain.