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Alzheimer's disease is caused by decline in levels of amyloid-beta: Research

Hindustan Times 06 Oct 2022
The conventional wisdom in the field of Alzheimer's research for more than 100 years stated that Alzheimer's was caused by the buildup of amyloid plaques in the brain ... Previous research from the team found that regardless of the buildup of plaques in the brain, people with high ...

What petting a dog can do for your brain

The Citizens 06 Oct 2022
This latest study adds to existing research on the benefits of animal-assisted therapy in medically supervised neural rehabilitation for nervous system conditions, such as strokes, seizure disorders, brain trauma and infections ... Researchers used functional near-infrared ...

EastEnders spoilers: Brain tumour story for Lola Pearce ahead of sad death

Metro UK 06 Oct 2022
EastEnders is working alongside Brain Tumour Research and Macmillan Cancer Support on the storyline, which will begin this autumn as viewers watch Lola and her loved ones deal with her diagnosis ... You can find out more information about brain tumours, case studies, research and funding by visiting the Brain Tumour Research website.

CMU Array has potential to treat neurological disorders

The Engineer 06 Oct 2022
“Users are able to customise their MEAs to fit particular needs; the MEAs can work in three dimensions in the brain; and the density of the MEA is increased and therefore more robust.” ... The research is funded by the NIH’s Brain Research Through Advancing Innovation Neurotechnologies (BRAIN) Initiative.

Incredible 500 Million-Year-Old Fossilized Worm Brain Offers Missing Insights Into Evolution

IFL Science 06 Oct 2022
The fossilized brain of a 500-million-year-old worm has been discovered by researchers, opening up new insights into how brains evolved and patching up holes in the fossil records of ancient scalidophorans ... The ring-shaped structure, which the researchers interpret as the worm ...

Diet rich in Omega-3 'improves brain health'

The National 06 Oct 2022
A diet of oily fish and other sources of Omega-3 fatty acids may preserve brain health and enhance thinking skills in middle age, a study has suggested ... Poor heart health linked to premature brain ageing, says study.

Petting Dogs Gives Your Brain A Similar Workout To Socializing

IFL Science 06 Oct 2022
... some quality time with a heckin’ good boy is enough to make some of us feel better? Neuroscience research has uncovered one possible explanation as it found that petting a dog activates an area of our brain associated with socializing in a way that stroking a stuffed toy cannot.

Brain tricked into thinking it is fasting to cope better with inflammation

Technology Org 06 Oct 2022
The study of mice and published in Current Biology is also the first to show that the well-established protective effects of fasting are at least in part mediated by the brain, rather than a lack of nutrients as generally thought ... Artificially turning on these specialist brain cells was also sufficient to generate anti-inflammatory effects.

Air pollution particles found in babies in the womb for first time

AOL 06 Oct 2022
Researchers found that soot nanoparticles can cross the placenta and get into organs of foetuses ... Researchers examined 60 mothers and their babies in Aberdeen and the Grampian region in Scotland ... The research team also found the presence of such particles in the livers, lungs and brains of the aborted foetuses.

Svante Paabo's work richly deserved a Nobel

Gulf News 06 Oct 2022
Exciting research on genes. Paabo’s lab is now doing exciting research on the genes that make our brains different from Neanderthals’ — and different from any other species on Earth, said Mary-Claire King, a genetics professor at the University of Washington.

LSD variant cures depression in mice without making them trip: study

New York Post 06 Oct 2022
The researchers were not specifically looking for an antidepressant but soon realized they were on their way to a breakthrough, according to NPR ... As research continued, the team took its lead from other studies that showed psilocybin could rewire the human brain and stave off depression.

Benefits of a Mediterranean diet: eat omega-3 to boost brain health and think clearer as you get older

Stylist 06 Oct 2022
Want to protect your brain for as long as possible? Grab yourself a plate of omega-3s and healthy fats straight from the Mediterranean diet ... How do omega-3s help with brain health? ... We don’t yet know why DHA and EPA protect the brain but researchers have suggested that it might be down to their anti-inflammatory properties. .

Expand Your Mind With Babbel, Now 55% Off

IFL Science 06 Oct 2022
Case in point, researchers are puzzled over how a woman born missing her left temporal lobe — the brain region believed to regulate language processing — could actually speak two different languages. . The answer could have less to do with the human brain’s wonders and hidden powers and more with one simple conclusion ... Advertisement ... .

‘The Hero of This Book’ takes readers on wit-filled journey

Boston Herald 06 Oct 2022
BOOK REVIEW. ‘THE HERO OF THIS BOOK’. By Elizabeth McCracken (Ecco, $26.99). Grade A ... As McCracken embarks on this story, she interrogates the narrator ... Researchers have documented how grieving people often engage in searching behavior as their brains struggle to integrate loss. A mourning brain seems to ask ... Tags. books. Jenny Shank ... ....

Toxic air pollution particles found in lungs and brains of unborn babies

The Guardian 06 Oct 2022
... particles have been found in the lungs, livers and brains of unborn babies, long before they have taken their first breath.

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