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Study reveals why heat makes us sleepy

Beijing News 19 Aug 2022
Just as they expected based on the results of their previous paper on cold temperature, researchers found that brain neurons receiving information about heat are part of the broader system that regulates sleep ... With the connectome, researchers have access to a computer system that ...
photo: Public Domain / Paul Peterson
Acupuncture needles protrude from the ear of a patient at the combined aid station on Camp Leatherneck, Helmand province, Afghanistan, Dec. 13, 2013

Misophonia is more than just hating the sound of chewing

Technology Org 19 Aug 2022
Researchers for the first time have identified the parts of the brain involved in a less-commonly studied trigger of misophonia, a condition associated with an extreme aversion to certain sounds ...We can’t say that misophonia is caused just by supersensitive brain connections with the orofacial motor cortex.”.

Your body may be pushing you to make worse choices after a day of hard ...

The Philadelphia Tribune 19 Aug 2022
“Influential theories suggested that fatigue is a sort of illusion cooked up by the brain to make us stop whatever we are doing and turn to a more gratifying activity,” said study author Mathias Pessiglione, Inserm research director at the Brain and Spine Institute in Paris, in a news release.

Alzheimer's theory undermined by accusations of manipulated data – but does not bring dementia research ...

The Conversation 19 Aug 2022
The investigation identified more than 20 suspect papers from the same researcher, ten of which related to this specific protein ... The identification of this protein led a wave of research to uncover the role amyloid plays in the brains of people with and without Alzheimer’s disease.

COVID-19 increases risk of brain fog and dementia

China Daily 19 Aug 2022
People recovering from COVID-19 suffer from increased rates of brain fog and dementia, according to the largest study of its kind, which was published on Thursday. The research suggests such neurological and psychiatric conditions remain more common for as long as two years after a COVID-19 infection, compared with other respiratory infections.

Is this why you're STILL getting bitten? Bloodthirsty mosquitoes can smell out humans even when ...

The Daily Mail 19 Aug 2022
The receptors are connected to 'olfactory neurons' that transmit information about that particular odour to the brain. However, researchers from Rockefeller University in New York, USA, have discovered that the neurons in mosquito antennae are connected to multiple types of receptor.

Scientists thought they knew how the nose 'knows,' but new research suggests otherwise

Phys Dot Org 19 Aug 2022
Johns Hopkins Medicine researchers say they have evidence to potentially overturn a prevailing belief in a type of important signaling within cells ... The researchers' findings were published Aug ... This idea began with research on light-sensing cells called rod photoreceptors in the retina ... The signal eventually arrives at the brain, triggering vision.

New study figures out why mosquitos' targeting system is 'essentially unbreakable'

Interesting Engineering 19 Aug 2022
The complexity continues to the brain, the team found ... As a result, the researchers say that they hope to understand how the mosquito brain processes human odor could be used to intervene in biting behavior, and they aim to reduce the spread of mosquito-borne diseases ... scienceWant to protect your brain from aging? Learn another languagePaul Ratner.

Brain-eating amoeba suspected in new Midwest death

Fox31 Denver 19 Aug 2022
Brain-eating amoeba ... Researcher Sutherland Maciver, who has studied the amoeba at the Centre for Discovery Brain Sciences at Edinburgh Medical School in Scotland, says not all infections are reported and that the 430 cases that have ever been reported worldwide are almost certainly an undercount.

Scientists fed mice sugary soda for two months, and the brains of the younger mice were impaired

Interesting Engineering 19 Aug 2022
Scientists at a Brazilian research institute fed sugary soda to rats for two months and found that their brains suffered significant damage, Futurism reported ... scienceWant to protect your brain from aging? Learn another language ... While studying the hippocampus, the researchers ...

This diabetes drug can reduce total Covid-19 deaths, hospitalisation by half, finds study | Mint

Live Mint 19 Aug 2022
Even as Covid-19 continues to take lives in increased number and daily new cases refuse to die down despite several anti-body treatments and measures, a study conducted by researchers from the University of Minnesota in United States have found a preventive measure to reduce hospitalisation and death due to Covid-19.

UB Nightingale Award winner looks to unlock cognitive mysteries surrounding multiple sclerosis

The Buffalo News 19 Aug 2022
MS researchers in Buffalo and Boston join forces to understand the most severe, and humbling, cases ... Medical research typically ... “This phenomenon has serious consequences, like brain changes,” she said ... “There is research around this regarding traumatic brain injuries,” she said.

Does exercise stave off Alzheimer's? Even stretching and balance movements can help, study says

Yahoo Daily News 19 Aug 2022
Alzheimer’s researchers said the findings are from a late-stage trial measuring exercise as a potential remedy for people with mild cognitive decline. And they described it as a new avenue to attack a neurodegenerative disease that for decades has stymied researchers and pharmaceutical companies.

Freezing of Gait Treatment Market Report 2022: Increasing Chronic Parkinson's Disease Along With Significant Admissions ...

Eagle-Tribune 19 Aug 2022
Increased research and development with strong product pipelines in the developed regions ... Major organizations and research centers are developing progressive technologies with new technology expansion in the wearable and walking aids systems, electronic brain implants and other stimulators for freezing of gait treatment on a global scale.

Brain-eating amoeba suspected in 2nd Midwest death

Longview News-Journal 19 Aug 2022
Researcher Sutherland Maciver, who has studied the amoeba at the Centre for Discovery Brain Sciences at Edinburgh Medical School in Scotland, says not all infections are reported and that the 430 cases that have ever been reported worldwide are almost certainly an undercount.

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